commercial fence

The following types of areas or facilities often are required by law to be fenced in with commercial fence, for safety and security reasons:

  • facilities with open high-voltage equipment (transformer stations, mast radiators). Transformer stations are usually surrounded with barbed-wire fences. Around mast radiators, wooden fences are used to avoid the problem of eddy currents.
  • railway lines (in the United Kingdom)
  • fixed machinery with dangerous mobile parts (for example at merry go rounds on entertainment parks)
  • explosive factories and quarry stores
  • most industrial plants
  • airfields and airports
  • military areas
  • prisons
  • construction sites
  • zoos and wildlife parks
  • Pastures containing male breeding animals, notably bulls and stallions
  • open-air areas that charge an entry fee
  • amusement equipment which may pose danger for passers-by
  • domestic swimming and spa pools